Intern: measurement setup on vibrations in the Joule-Thomson cryocoolers for cryoem and Einstein telescope

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Are you the academic student that will take care of the development of a vibration measurement setup in the Demcon Kryoz Lab? Then continue reading! 

Over Demcon

Demcon is a high-end technology supplier of products and systems, with focus areas high-tech systems, industrial systems, embedded systems, and medical systems. As a system supplier, Demcon can meet the entire needs of its clients, from proof of principle, prototype, and pre-production to serial production. In more than 20 years, the business has grown to become the Demcon group (with more than 1000 employees).

One of the companies within the Demcon group is Demcon Kryoz. At Demcon Kryoz we work with innovative cooling technology and solutions. We deliver custom and off-the-shelf cooling solutions globally, enabling customers to push boundaries in high-tech industries. Products are related to various areas, including medical, aerospace and in the academic field.

Wat ga je doen?

The measurement setup will focus on performing vibration measurements on Joule-Thomson cryocoolers. The setup will be relevant for two projects: the CryoEM and the Einstein Telescope.

Demcon Kryoz developed a cryogenic cooler (Cryo-EM) for an electron microscopy environment. The main objective of the cooler is to keep bio-samples at cryogenic temperatures (<108 K). A high temperature stability of the sample is key for this application. Currently, the Cryo-EM system is integrated into an electron microscope (located at the customer) to measure and test these key performances. The CryoEM is a vibration free Joule-Thomson cryocooler with a vibration level of ~ 1 nm peak-to-peak at the cold tip. There is a need for an in-house test setup that is capable of measuring vibrations in this order of magnitude.

The same applies to the Einstein Telescope project. The Einstein Telescope is proposed as an underground third-generation gravitational wave observatory with unprecedented sensitivity, providing new insights and understanding of phenomena occurring in the Universe. Critical technologies required for the operation of the Einstein Telescope will be developed and tested in a scaled-down prototype facility that is under construction: The Einstein Telescope Pathfinder. One of the key enabling technologies is the cryogenic system that cools the main optics to a temperature of about 10K. Accounting for the extreme sensitivity that is targeted in the third generation laser-interferometry detectors, it is of great importance that the cryogenic cooling under continuous operation is essentially vibration free. Joule-Thomson cryocoolers using sorption compressors are known to generate an absolute minimum of vibrational noise during operation. Seismic vibration displacement level of 32 nm peak-to-peak cannot be exceeded at the cold tip. The to be developed test setup shall also be able to measure vibrations in this order of magnitude.

Wat breng je mee?

Demcon Kryoz is looking for an academic student that will take care of the development of a vibration measurement setup in the Demcon Kryoz Lab.  The various steps in the development of the test setup shall include performing measurements on components of a Joule-Thomson cryocooler in ambient conditions and if needed, up to performing measurements in vacuum and/or at cryogenic temperatures. When in-house sensors do not suffice, the student will perform a market research. During the process, Demcon employees will supervise and help with the process.

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