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  • Internship:Circular medical product designs

    Internship:Circular medical product designs

    There are two main problems with replacing disposables in the medical industry. First of all, in the current economy, most disposable parts are part of the business case of the developer. Since disposables are often made out of plastics and the raw material for plastics is available for a low price, making low-cost products and selling them with a high throughput has become financially attractive. In order to transform to a fully reusable product, the business model must change.

    Secondly, the medical industry is a high-risk industry in which patient safety is of great importance. Over time, the hygienic standards have increased significantly due to which disposables (which have not been in excessive contact with human tissue before use) have become common. With the transition from disposable to reusable products, it should be investigated how to maintain these high hygienic standards without using a linear chain. Not only must the cleaning itself be investigated, but also the whole organization around collection, transport, post-treatment and restorage. 

    Will you help us investigate these circular solutions?

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  • Internship: Alternatives to (virgin) plastics in medical designs

    Internship: Alternatives to (virgin) plastics in medical designs

    The main topic you will be investigating is: How can Demcon reduce the environmental impact of products containing plastic parts. Changing the current disposable system can be very challenge due to financial disadvantage, regulations or lack of incentive. An easier way to convert to a sustainable system can be by means of a more accessible intermediate solution, while keeping the current work flow in tact to a large extent. One way of approaching this intermediate solution is to divert from using virgin plastics and move towards a more sustainable alternative to virgin plastics. For example using biodegradable plastics or recycled plastics. This brings about new challenges such as material degradation over product lifetime, material purity and cost of alternatives to virgin plastics. 

    Will you help us investigate what alternative solution is most feasible and has greatest environmental impact?

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    The main question you will be working on is: How can Demcon  provide insight on a product’s environmental impact, as a result of design choices? There are several Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) tools available on the market already. The question is, are these tools adaptable enough to be applied to (most of) Demcon’s product portfolio? If so, which tool is best suitable for LCA of Demcon products? Or is there a need for a custom LCA tool? If so, what would the tool look like? 

    Will you help us investigate these sustainable design tools?

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  • Project engineer fluid systems

    Project engineer fluid systems

    Wij zijn op zoek naar een gedreven lead mechanical engineer voor de realisatie van onze vloeistof- en gassystemen.

    Kernwoorden: analytisch, gestructureerd, nauwkeurig en communicatief vaardig.

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  • Afstudeeropdracht: Voorspellen van het gedrag van een systeem

    Afstudeeropdracht: Voorspellen van het gedrag van een systeem

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