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  • Student assignment shock response

    Student assignment shock response

    Medical devices are often mobile: either portable or mounted on a trolley . Mostly during transport, these devices  are exposed to shocks. For transport outside the hospital (e.g., by train, car, airplane) sometimes the device can be packed to reduce the impact of the shocks, if necessary. For transport inside the hospital, it is often preferable to transport the device without packaging. Examples of shocks are moving the trolley-mounted device over a doorstep or dropping/colliding the device. The design of the device needs to be such that the device survives these shocks.

    One method of analyzing shocks and determining severity is called Shock Response Spectrum (SRS). However, shock severity thresholds are based on military standards, and construction methods and safety factors will differ from the way medical devices are designed at Demcon.sides, this theory is not accepted everywhere, and clear application examples are yet missing.

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