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Fluidic systems are very common in medical systems, the automated processing of patient samples and subsequent analysis are topics many companies are looking to build. However, for most people automated fluidics is also quite intangible. This project is aimed towards giving companies a better understanding what can be done with a fluidic system.


During a previous project a fluidic demonstrator was developed. This demonstrator has the purpose to give examples of what is possible in the world of fluidics. The current system is built to show automated alignment and attachment of disposable microfluidic chips to a permanent fluidic system. With this internship we would like to extend on this fluidic system to show even more functionalities. There are multiple different topics, depending on the interest and expertise of the student. Some examples are;

·        Creating a robust fluidic system around the demonstrator that can perform different automated protocols including, multiple pumps, valves and the ability to clean the system automatically.

·        Creating an optical system underneath the demonstrator for visual inspection when the microfluidic chip is inserted in the instrument.

·        Developing more complex interfaces to allow different fluidic chips to be inserted in the instrument.

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