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• Structural mechanics

• Flexible multibody dynamics

• Ansys Motion


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Demcon Multiphysics is a department within Demcon focused on simulation-driven product development: we simulate physics in order to understand and improve the design of technical parts and products. 


One of our fields of interest is structural analysis. Using such analyses, one can for example calculate strength and stiffness to evaluate the performance of machines. The topic of this internship is flexible multibody dynamics, in  combination with co-simulation. This entails analyzing structural dynamics of a virtual machine, while its motion is controlled in a software package. A new program of Ansys called Motion is capable of this.

The goal of this assignment is to understand and test the accuracy and limitations of Ansys Motion. To this end, you will model and simulate one or more flexible multibody systems with increasing complexity. Ansys Motion offers several methods to perform this type of modelling (nodal, modal with normal modes, modal with static correction modes). A possible outline of the assignment could be:

Explore in-depth the different methods Ansys Motion offers to model flexible multibody systems

Come up with test cases that can be used to determine when each method is the suitable option to use

Model and simulate these test cases 

Benchmark each method in relation to standard Ansys in terms of accuracy, simulation time and meshing


Education level: Masterstudent

Education: mechanical engineering

Preferably, you followed the course: ‘flexible multibody dynamics’

Duration internship: 3 months


Demcon offers a dynamic, growing and innovative organization. With our complex projects and multidisciplinary teams, we offer a good climate for this intership project. Thanks to enthusiastic and dedicated colleagues, our working atmosphere is good, open and informal. You will be supervised (daily) by a colleague from our department. We welcome your own initiative and give you room to express this. Furthermore, we offer you a lot of flexibility.


Do you have any questions about this position? We will be happy to answer them. Call to Elze Knol (groupleader) via 088 – 115 2000

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