Graduation: Small reciprocating motion in a roller bearing

Student (internship and graduation)
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  • Tribology, modeling
  • Design and realization of test setup
  • High tech


Each one of our companies differentiates itself in its own domain with unique expertise and skills. This way they help customers improve their performance and achieve more. On the basis of their passion for technology our companies are able to combine forces. By sharing knowledge and working together we increase our social impact. Demcon advanced mechatronics is a multidisciplinary development and engineering partner for mechatronic challenges, from concept to realization.


Duration of thesis project: 9 months

Demcon is active in the high-tech industry among other things. In fast-moving applications it is necessary to create linkages and hinges that operate accurately and without failure for a high number of cycles.

For precision applications with small angular variations, such hinges can be realized by flexure elements, such as leaf springs, in various configurations. For large angular variations, precision ball bearings can be used. Although these bearings will wear, this phenomenon is well-understood and predictable as ball bearings are widely used in, for instance, cars and trains.

The problem arises for reciprocating motion through an angle that is not feasible for flexures, but where the motion amplitude is smaller than the minimum motion as specified by the bearing manufacturer. In the case of an application where the force is high (order of magnitude: 5…50 kN) and the angular amplitude is bigger than 6 … 8°, the bent shape of a leaf spring will not be strong enough to transfer this force without unrealistic dimensions.

The assignment will focus on the ball bearing (or other roller bearing). To make predictions about life time of a roller bearing under high-load, small angle, high-cycle conditions.

What we expect:

  • Tribology study of the problem of a roller bearing and its lubrication over life time.
  • Prediction of life time of a bearing.
  • Verification by realizing a test setup.


We are looking for a talented student of mechanical engineering, physics or similar with a specialization in tribology. You are driven, eager to learn and easy to communicate with. Also, you are not afraid of tackling difficult problems and have an affinity for practical design work. A high degree of independence is expected.

  • Education level: Master student
  • Required education: Mechanical engineering or physics with a specialization in precision engineering


Demcon offers a dynamic, growing and innovative organization. With our complex projects and multidisciplinary teams, we offer a good climate for this thesis project. Thanks to enthusiastic and dedicated colleagues, our working atmosphere is good, open and informal. You will be (daily) supervised by a colleague from our department. We encourage personal initiative and give you the space to express it. Furthermore, we offer you a thesis allowance and a lot of flexibility.


If you have any questions, please contact Lise Desmense (Corporate Recruiter) at Have we sparked your interest in this thesis project? Then we would like to receive your application and CV.

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