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What are you going to do?

For the reduction of emissions in the chemical industry, we are looking for a graduation student who wants to research the modelling of plasmas. In the chemical industry, ethylene (required to produce plastics) is won through the cracking of methane. In the cracking process of methane, besides ethylene a lot of CO2 is released. With the goal of reducing emissions, an alternative production method using plasmas shows potential. This is because it costs a lot less energy to produce hydrogen from methane using a plasma, for which the energy can be won using green technologies, and it produces pure carbon or carbohydrates acetylene and ethylene. To realize this production method, several companies are working together in the research of plasma interaction with methane.

Demcon will be simulating the plasma source, and the effect of the plasma on the surrounding machine. This includes two possible plasma formation methods, plasma ARC and/or plasma MicroWave. The resulting plasma concentrations, thermal effects on the machine, and the interface to the next step of the machine are all included in this research. These simulations will be performed in Comsol.

What do you bring to the table?

  • Study: Physics (plasma)
  • Level: Master graduation
  • Duration: 9 – 12 months

What do we offer you?

Demcon offers a dynamic, growing and innovative organization. With our complex projects and multidisciplinary teams, we offer a good climate for this thesis project. Thanks to enthusiastic and dedicated colleagues, our working atmosphere is good, open and informal. You will be (daily) supervised by a colleague from our department. We encourage personal initiative and give you the space to express it. Furthermore, we offer you a thesis allowance and a lot of flexibility.

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