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  • Project Manager High-Tech

    Project Manager High-Tech

    Complexity goes hand in hand with added value. Can you switch between abstraction and detail and do you like to form the bridge between customer and your own team? Then we would like to get in touch with you!

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  • Projectmanager hightech systems

    Projectmanager hightech systems

    Managing projects at the limit of the technically feasible!

    Each time we aim to uncover the real problem and develop a solution for it. In doing so, we combine our creativity with our broad expertise of mechatronics, systems engineering and numerous other disciplines. With industrialization and in-house production, we turn high-tech ambitions into reality.

    As project manager high-tech systems, you are the pivot between the customer and the Demcon development team, where precision and technical challenge are key. See: Projects Hightech Systems

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  • Project Manager High Tech Systems

    Project Manager High Tech Systems

    Can you form a bridge between customers and your own team? Do you want to manage projects on the edge of feasibility? Then, read on and find out more about the position of Project Manager High Tech Systems at Demcon!

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