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  • Proces engineer

    Proces engineer

    Working as a process operator on socially relevant projects in areas such as energy transition, hydrogen technology, CO2 capture and recycling. That is possible at Demcon suster.

    We focus on R&D, process development and evaluation, design and construction of pilot plants. With research and process development, we contribute to the further greening of the process industry.  For example, conversion of biomass into valuable biofuels and biochemicals, reprocessing of waste streams and chemical recycling of plastics, capture and conversion of CO2 from air or gas streams into useful substances/solar fuels, such as methanol and ammonia.

    Our customers want to make their processes more sustainable and come from sectors including the oil and gas sector, (petro)chemicals, plastics and paper industry, metal sector, food industry, equipment construction, energy sector and waste processing.

    Pilot plant

    In the first quarter of 2023, we will complete the construction of a pilot plant at the Technology Base in Enschede.  See https://www.technologybase.nl/ This pilot plant will be placed in a former shelter for fighter planes and will convert about 5 kg of biomass into biokerosene and biodiesel using a completely new process. We are looking for process operators who will work with us to further develop the process.

    If you are interested, come and talk to us! 

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