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  • Stage Industrialization of an ultrasound scanner

    Stage Industrialization of an ultrasound scanner

    Demcon has developed a prototype of an ultrasound system called ‘Flood Dragon’. This system can be used as a portable ultrasound imaging device for human and veterinary medicine. The system can also be used as a development platform for new developments in the field of ultrasound imaging. Examples of such new applications are: 

    o   Automatic detection of thickness of fat layers in swine

    o   Ultrasound imaging for tissue characterization

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  • Electronics assignment

    Electronics assignment

    “Find a suitable CO2 and O2 measurement for Demcon products which can handle the high immunity levels of the medical standard”.

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  • Internship Bluetooth Mesh communication

    Internship Bluetooth Mesh communication

    Mesh networking for 24 Bluetooth soccer activity trackers

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