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development & engineering.

We work on innovative and creative solutions in multidisciplinary teams and with these solutions we realise complex systems that meet the requirements of our clients.


Custom work – from component to complete process

The nature of our clients is highly diverse and ranges from fresh start-ups to multinationals. Assignments vary from solving an acute specialised system to developing complete systems. Our part may consist of a feasibility study only, for example, or a full system development process with multiple iterations, ranging from proof-of-principle to prototype.


Multidisciplinary teams

With the different technical disciplines we go through each project on the basis of the V model. The quality of the end-product is a priority, even if this means deviating from the client’s specifications. Through intensive collaboration we learn a great deal from each other. Sometimes we work on a single project; however, often you will be involved in multiple projects at the same time.

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