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electrical engineering

The electrical controls are the heart of the products and complex systems developed by DEMCON. The design of these controls are our responsibility. In our department we also develop standalone embedded systems in close cooperation with the software engineers.


Broad experience in electrical engineering, electronics and FPGA design

The systems we develop are so varied that we have a broad knowledge within our team. We specialise in:

  • Electrical engineering: the electrical design with standard components and control engineering. For example, we apply this in medical products, measuring instruments, vacuum systems or applications for use in clean rooms.
  • Electronics: the design of specific electronic systems (PCBs) with sensors, controls and processors for regulators, as well as for embedded systems where small, wireless, low-power devices are important.
  • FPGA design: for processing of data, regulating and controlling systems.


Team effort

In project teams we join various other disciplines. Together we work on understanding the client’s request and on developing the system. As electrical engineers:

  • We contribute ideas during the concept phase. We devise and build proof-of-principle setups. Through close client contact we ensure that we ultimately provide the right solution.
  • We design one-off machines that we test and validate in our lab. By testing our designs step by step we overcome obstacles at an early stage. This way we arrive at a complete and working product.
  • We develop a product with the associated requirements (standards, design for test, design for manufacturing).


Taking into account the application of the system

We always strive for the right product. For example, one-off machines must be suitable for special conditions while a volume product must be reliable and manufacturable.

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