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  • Internship Modelling of non-linear excentre mechanism

    Internship Modelling of non-linear excentre mechanism

    Demcon is a company that develops a variety of new high-tech mechatronic systems. Many of these systems require some type of controller design to put all hardware in motion and meet system requirements.  Often, PID-type controllers are tuned in de frequency domain to control linear plants. Robust stability margins are taken to deal with dynamic variations.  Prior to the controller design the system is modelled to understand dynamics and identify controllability.


    For nonlinear systems, controller design and modelling methods are often like those for linear systems. However, instead of evaluating the system in the entire range of the degrees of freedom, the system is linearized around certain configurations. With the help of Ansys motion, there is a new way to model and analyze non-linear systems. This happens in co-simulation with MATLAB/Simulink and is suitable for easier understanding of non-linear systems and flexible bodies.

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